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One World is now recruiting Young Leaders and Group Leaders from minority and indigenous backgrounds for our 2010 Summer Programs in Cambodia, Senegal and Uganda!

Read below for more information about our Young Leaders Program.

The One World Young Leaders Program provides young leaders (ages 18 to 25) from minority and indigenous backgrounds with an opportunity to gain training and fieldwork experience in international human rights and development.  Participants in the One World Young Leaders Program spend 8 weeks during the summer in a developing country.  The program is divided into two phases: (i) a one-week Leadership Training on Human Rights and Development, and (ii) a seven-week internship at a local or national non-governmental organization focusing on specific areas within the human rights and development fields.

Program Fee: The One World Young Leaders Program participation fee is $3,500 per participant.  This covers round-trip transportation from Washington, DC to the host country, housing, medical evacuation insurance, training sessions, and a food and bottled water stipend.  Note: The program fee does not include the cost of vaccinations or visas.

One World Group Leaders

One World recruits one Group Leader (ages 26 to 35) for each country program to be in charge of overseeing the One World Young Leaders Program.  Like Young Leaders, Group Leaders participate in a seven-week internship placement.  In addition, the Group Leader will be the primary person responsible for ensuring that the One World country program runs smoothly.  Some of the additional roles and responsibilities of the Group Leaders include:

  • Coordinating logistics once One World participants arrive in host countries;
  • Facilitating the one-week Leadership Training;
  • Effectively handling critical issues and situations on the ground as they arise;
  • Providing weekly status updates to staff at One World headquarters; and
  • Liaising with local NGO partners and stakeholders to ensure country programs and mutually beneficial to Young Leaders and local NGO partners.

Program Fee: One World will pay half the participation fee for Group Leaders.  Therefore, the cost of participation for Group Leaders will be $1,750.  Like the fee for Young Leaders, this covers round-trip transportation from Washington, DC to the host country, housing, medical evacuation insurance, training sessions, and a food and bottled water stipend.  Note: The program fee does not include the cost of vaccinations or visas.

NEW! Information about the One World Young Leaders Program

Locations: One World Group Leaders and Young Leaders will be placed in one of three host countries: Cambodia, Senegal, and Uganda.

Dates: The in-country program runs from June 1 – August 1.  Prior to the start of the program, Young Leaders will be required to attend an orientation in Washington, DC beginning May 28, 2010.  Group Leaders will be required to attend a “Training of Trainers” from May 25 – 27 in Washington, DC and the Young Leaders Orientation on May 28 prior to departure to host countries.

To apply, email us for the One World Application.  The deadline has been extended to February 15.

In video below, past Young Leader, Amir Rodney Smith, talks about why you should apply!

View videos from our Young Leader Alumni below!  And watch this video below for more of what our alumni have to say.

Video by Abe Velazquez, One World Young Leader in Cambodia, interning for Tiny Toones

Tales of the Secret Admirer: What to do to Make Her Anticipate the Big Reveal

Secret admirers are only one of two things: charming or creepy. If you are secretly admiring someone and you want her to anticipate the big reveal of your identity, success definitely lies in giving out the clues. And when it comes to giving out clues about yourself, the when’s and the how’s are the biggest considerations. Or if you are still looking, here is a helpful article on SIBG.com on how to meet women.

There’s a thin line between a secret admirer and a stalker. Be careful not to turn into the latter.

The secret to success is always to aim at achieving a wonderful anticipation. Your methods, at every step of the way, should help make your girl feel excited about meeting you “at your appointed time”. You have to successfully build up that feeling of anticipation, each one being better and stronger than the last. And best of all, at each step of the way, be fall-worthy.

Here are some helpful tips on how to become a ‘successful’ secret admirer:

  • Research. Others call it stalking, I call it research. The borderlines between charming and creepy here must be observed and respected. It’s okay to know that her favorite color is purple, but to know that her entire room is covered in purple wallpaper is something that would scare the life out of her. You’re no Edward Cullen to have access to her room at night when she’s asleep. Research, ask her friends – albeit subtly – about her likes and dislikes; never go beyond what is publicly admissible like favorite color, favorite band, or her usual hangout. Going beyond that is creepy. Use these pieces of information when you send her your stuff.
  • Connive with a close friend of hers. To win her, win her close friend. It could be her office best friend or her brother or sister. Or at least someone you know whose company she likes. This person will be your official delivery guy (or gal, as the case may be) who knows where to drop and leave your secret trails.
  • Timing, timing, timing. Timing is not everything but it makes up for more than half of it. Limit your acts of secret admiration to just at least once a week. Twice if you’re a little in hurry a little impatient about the big reveal. And you either do it at the same time/day every time, or surprise her about when it comes. Doing it on a regular schedule will make her expect when it’s coming and will give you the consistent guy image; the other option adds a little more to the mystery and you’d keep her guessing about when it’s coming.
  • Use gifts that are keep-worthy, each one giving her clues about your identity. Give her a note in her favorite color, or put in a piece of her favorite bonbon brand with the note. Make silly little rhymes (if she’s into it), or quote some from her favorite songs. And always, always have a clue about yourself at the end, like “your yellow shirt definitely fit my green one yesterday *wink*”

And lastly, let her know that you’re revealing yourself so soon. This will keep her on her toes, waiting and waiting for you. Btw, here is a funny way on how to tell a secret admirer from a stalker. Enjoy reading! LOL

Being a secret admirer is never too childish, as you’d like to think. And there’s always a classy way of being one. Good luck you secret admirer you!


OneWorld Financial Enrichment Series: How Your Finances Can Help Your Dating Life

This article serves as a follow up on our recently-launched OneWorld Financial Enrichment Series.

This is not about getting the gold diggers or having the ability to use your money as leverage on girls and taking them home. No, this is not about making men feel like they can actually buy women with their money. No this is not about being materialistic.

This is about how being financially responsible can improve your dating life and why the jobless men are not getting any success in the dating scene.

If you have been getting unlucky with your dating, or you’re always flat broke and cannot go on dates as often as you want, or you could hardly find a good reason to get a real job and ditch your five part time jobs, then maybe this shout out is what you’re looking for. Here are reasons how your finances can help improve your dating life:

Surely money can’t buy love or happiness. But it makes it easier for everyone.
  • It makes you more confident. Have you ever gone out with just enough money for a pack of crackers and felt like the poorest thing in the world? Have you ever walked past a store and looked at something you wanted so bad you just walk away because you cannot afford it? Oh, and let me just add that you walk away with your head looking to the ground? Or, have you ever met a girl you liked so bad it hurts because her cab money is all you earn in a week and all you could do is say hi, smile, and walk away – again with your head looking to the ground? Yes, that’s what having no money does to you. With a stable income, you are far more confident of yourself – while your money does not tell you your worth, it does afford you a good place to sleep in, better looking clothes, good food, and best of all, you do not feel like a smaller being in the society. If you want some more ego downers for financially-incapacitated men, look here.
  • You can actually ask girls out on a date and pay for it. Some day old bread, old cheese and water shared is not a date. Even when you’ve used up all of last year’s old candles to set the mood. Meaningful dates need not be expensive but you can’t really expect a girl to want to go out with you when she knows she has to fetch the bill for every date you’re having or she’d starve every time you’re on a date!
  • You would look better. You can afford better looking clothes – clothes that are more appropriate for a dinner out other than your ripped sneakers and old collared shirt. And therefore, with better looks comes a better grasp of self confidence. If you’re looking to impress a lady, you’re bound to start with dashing good looks. The poor bard look has gone out of style since after Shakespeare died. If you still don’t get it, read this SonicSeduction guide.
  • You would seem more responsible. Women naturally avoid dating jobless men not because they cannot pay for a decent meal but because they seem irresponsible and the future is a little bleak with them. Women, by instinct, like men who are more in control of themselves – men with life plans, men with visions, men who have promising futures.

Money cannot buy love, sure that much is still true. But money sure can make love a whole lot easier when you don’t have to worry about where to get your next meal. And for that, the OneWorld foundation is going to set up some courses on dealing with your finances without the related stress. Watch this space!

Ronald Jacobs, MSc (Bath)

OneWorld Foundation coordinator

Social & Relationship Skills Training (II)

Due to popular demand, we are extending our original Social & Relationship Skills training to our member associations in Korea, Japan and Singapore. As always, the coursework will be led by Neil Parson who is contactable at  neil.parson@theoneworldfoundation.org – please allow up to 72 hours for reply.

The second installment of this popular training will be conducted by our partners from the OctoberManSequence.org Relationship Consultants (http://octobermansequence.org), Richard May and Kim Jung Hyew – both experienced dating coaches hailing from New York City. We have asked Richard to contribute some thoughts on the coursework and he gracefully contributed the following content – the coursework will adapt the same style and tone as you will find out in March.

The Deadliest Dating Sin – Boredom!

Boredom is the worst enemy in dating. This is a pretty challenging situation especially that most girls easily get bored. Before we get caught up in the middle of boredom, we must avoid it as much as possible. However, no matter how much we try to avoid it, sometimes, it just keeps coming back. So here are some ways to get rid of boredom and have a perfectly enjoyable dating. You will find more ways in the actual OneWorld training, but here are some pointers to get you started.

  • Do the Basic Research

Before you go on a date, try to know the potential places for dating near your area. Inquire about fun activities that are incoming and try to stay updated. For example, you may want to take note of some good-for-dating annual activities near your area and try to check out some bars or restaurants that will hold an event that is out of the ordinary. That way, you will have a taste of an extraordinary ambiance during a date. A good resource on researching for a place for a romantic night out is http://sonicseduction.net – go look at it. I like it a lot.

  • Know Her Taste and Style of Things

Girls have different preferences of enjoying a company. Some would love to rock with music bands, some would prefer a cozy romantic dinner, and some sporty chicks, billiards or darts will do. However, some may not like drinking alcoholic beverages or they may not like noisy places. Hence, it is important to take note of their likes and dislikes in order to prepare yourself of some back up plans just in case your first plan fails and your worst enemy, boredom, starts to strike.

  • Try Group Dating

If your girl is quite uneasy or if it shows that she is uncomfortable with just-you-and-her kind of dating, then you may try dating as a group. It is never boring to be with more people around especially if these people are mostly extroverts. But of course, this kind of dating needs careful planning and organizing—a big effort on your part. If everything is worth the effort, then it’s never bad to try. Plus, the effort in itself will turn her on and make her go crazier about you. So invite some of your friends and her friends too to have a group date and let them be your guests. Here’s a good resource on group dating online.

  • Be Funny

When all else fails, your only best friend in a date that is already getting boring is your sense of humour. While some guys are quite gifted with making funny conversations and you are not, you may want to prepare some good jokes beforehand. Ask help from your funny friends or try to imitate old jokes. Just try not to make it too trying hard on your part. Girls laugh more easily and more naturally from a spontaneously made joke. If your joke fails to make her laugh, nice try but what matters is being yourself. That way, most girls will sense that you are really trying and they would also try to help get rid of boredom.

Getting away from boredom can be quite a challenge but if two people can play the game, then it can be less difficult to overcome. You will always get to a point of boredom when you’re dating but the important thing is that you respect each other and that in itself would be enough to keep the dating going.

If you need more tips in the meantime on how to win a girl’s heart then go to http://octobermansequence.org/how-to-win-a-girls-heart/ – otherwise just wait for the training in March.

OneWorld Financial Enrichment Series: Choosing A Real Estate Agent

We are proud to announce that we will be launching an e-learning series on financial literacy as part of the OneWorld Continuing Education curricula. An important component of the training would involve real estate investment and especially an analysis on land capital appreciation. Post-training, you will be able to analyze real estate investments and be prepared to sit for the OneWorld qualification exams (in financial education).

Today’s pre-screening article is written by George Mokumba, e-learning course coordinator – he can be reached at george.mokumba@theoneworldfoundation.org.

If you are wondering why using a real estate agent is a good idea when buying or selling a home, then read on.

Why Using a Real Estate Agent is a Good Idea When Buying Homes

If you are buying a home, you usually won’t need to pay a real estate agent since the agent will earn a commission from the home’s seller – a fee that will come out of the home’s final sales price.

Real estate agents also happen to be very knowledgeable about buying homes, so they can tell you everything that you need to know about your desired neighborhood and its schools, recreational areas and activities.

Make sure that he or she is the real deal

Another reason why using a real estate agent is a good idea is because he can negotiate with sellers for you. Home negotiations are no joke and can be quite hard since payments can involve closing costs, repairs, inspections and home warranties. Fortunately, a real estate agent can negotiate home items, like dryers and washers, furniture and refrigerators into the sale, so you can get the best deal possible in the end.

Once a seller accepts your offer, an agent can also keep things going, help you stay on track and take care of all of the other tasks that you will need to complete during the entire buying process.

Why Using a Real Estate Agent is a Good Idea When Selling Homes

Overall, real estate agents would really be worth the commission. If you consider everything that an agent can do for you from the beginning, you should come to realize that the commission is well worth it in the end. After all, an agent can help you sell your home much faster than usual and for a much higher price than you originally bargained for, as well.

Since real estate agents understand the real estate market right now, in general, you can be sure that they will understand the home values, competition and benefits of your neighborhood if you get an agent who lives there. If you want a KLCC condo, for example, find an agent who lives in the KLCC area. Otherwise, you are limited to researching properties at online portals such as Zillow.

Also, since real estate agents are suppose to know how to sell homes, you can just fire them if you aren’t happy with their services. Of course, it would be ideal if you look for an agent with a good track record before asking him to sell your home, though. Remember: selling a home takes knowledge, experience and dedication in the housing market; otherwise, you won’t be able to attract any buyers or sell your home in the end. It is also imperative that you learn as much as you can about the property you are selling. In this respect, online resources are a boon; a good site for property reviews is the Property Review (Malaysia) site.

Of course, you should never forget that your real estate agent of choice has to represent you until the very end, as well. He also has to make sure that he keeps your interests protected in the home’s sale and fulfills every negotiation in your contract. If you come across any problems after closing, he should also be there to help you resolve your issues. This is why using a real estate agent is a good idea, in general, when it comes to both buying or selling a home.

For more learning resources on real estate investing, log on to your E-Learning portal.

Social & Relationship Skills Training

Quick announcement – our Social Skills Training Bureau is organizing a relationships course next month in conjunction with the International Family Day campaign. Organized by our resident expert and course coordinator Neil Parson, this training course is accredited under the 1World Certification Requirements course. There are separate course content for males and females – for more information please contact Neil at neil.parson@theoneworldfoundation.org. Below is a brief outline of the training course for men -

Relationship Coursework For Males (Seduction)

We have enlisted the help from SeductionFAQ.com (http://seductionfaq.com) faculty members (Ace McMahon and Marty Pettigrove) to devise the coursework for the male version of the Social & Relationship Skills training. This course leans towards “seduction advice” although the content is entirely family friendly. Here’s a sampler of what Ace and Marty from SeductionFAQ.com is going to cover in great detail -

  • Getting started in the game – seduction tips and techniques for the ordinary man
  • Sarging – what it is, and how do approach women successfully
  • How to win any girl’s heart – using guaranteed techniques to win her over
  • How to make a girl fall in love with you
  • Techniques on how to seduce women and get them emotionally attached to you
  • Other tips and tricks on love, dating and relationships

From our survey of 1,000 members during our last “What’s New” seminar, we have found that relationships and dating remain one of the biggest problems that our members face. We are therefore tackling this problem head-on.

Amazing Ways To Get Started

If you have applied for this program and are successfully admitted to the program, then you will be required to do some preliminary work before you get started. You will be provided with an “action pack” of ten tasks that you will need to do in order to prepare for the program. You will be asked to learn some pickup lines and start approaching women you see everywhere. Also, there will be homework on female psychology and also a reading list consisting of dating advice books by Derek Rake, Neil Strauss, Mystery, Paul Janka and Tyler Durden.

You can expect some serious improvement in your seduction game if you take this coursework seriously. Many of our past participants achieved success in their relationships, and this course in dating and seduction remain highly popular with our male members.

The content of this coursework is family safe. We have avoided discussing about some of the “touchier” subjects in dating advice for men – for example, Boyfriend Destroyer sequences, routines based on NLP (such as the October Man Sequence) and loopholes in female psychology. Stuff on yoga and meditation is also out of scope.

Interested? Email Neil Parson today at neil.parson@theoneworldfoundation.org

UPDATE: The One World Foundation Is Sponsoring Yoga & Meditation Classes

LATEST UPDATE: As part of our well-being series, the One World Foundation is now sponsoring yoga and meditation classes in all our constituent partners and centers around the world. We also encourage group yoga to be conducted during your One World Alignment meetings, and will arrange for instructors to attend your gatherings. If you need a list of endorsed yoga and meditation teachers please call 077 5592 8576 and ask for our Well Being Programs Chief Coordinator, Amy Knowles or her assistant, John Boateng. Thank you for your cooperation!

Benefits of Yoga – as contributed by Amy Knowles, MSc (Cardiff), Special Programs Coordinator @OneWorld Foundation (email her at amy_knowles@theoneworldfoundation.org)

The world people live in today is a very hectic one. Filled with stress and negative energy, it is very easy to get caught up in the grind. If you have noticed that you don’t “stop and smell the roses” or that you’re struggling with finding inner peace, it is very important to do something about it. If you’re always on edge, your days will feel like they go on for ages. You might have heard a lot of talk about yoga, but you probably don’t know the benefits of it. So, why should you try yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful way to become a more compassionate, peaceful person. If you always blame others for your downfalls or you have problems with taking ownership, yoga can help you learn to become more accepting. Once you are able to accept your downfalls, you will be able to find inner peace. If you want to be a happy individual, you need to make sure to get rid of all the negative energy. Yoga is a very physical way to shun the negative energy away, and with the help of brainwave entrainment programs you can completely heal yourself from negativity.

While yoga is not a strenuous workout, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make you stronger. Many people find that they are much stronger after taking yoga classes. Yoga is considered a core workout, which helps you maintain balance. Core workouts help you discover your center of gravity, which helps with posture and confidence. Yoga also helps even the most rigid individuals become more flexible. Being flexible can help you in other exercises and in everyday life. If you are a local coordinator for your OneWorld programs then you will definitely find meditation a nice addition to your workout programs. Also, look at our What’s New roster for similar programs.

A lot of people enjoy yoga because it is very relaxing. You’ve probably heard stories of people falling asleep in yoga class because it’s that relaxing. It’s true that yoga is a great way to relieve stress and can really help people loosen up their muscles. And in extreme cases, sleeping can occur! Yoga is a wonderful way to realize that all of the troubles you are going through in life are temporary and will eventually pass. Many people fail to realize that yoga is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical one. In order to get the full yoga affect, you need to clear your mind.

Incorporate meditation and yoga programs into your OneWorld meetings and you will see enhanced participation from your members!

A final benefit of yoga is better eating. Yoga helps you become much more in tune with your body, which helps you realize that what you eat really does matter. Going to a yoga class won’t make you want to go on a diet, but it will definitely make you want to eat more healthily. Yoga is all about positive energy, which includes positive eating habits.

Now that you know some of the benefits of yoga, you should be able to decide whether or not this exercise is for you. Yoga is a wonderful workout for the mind and body. You will find that you are calm, patient, and full of positive energy. Even if you think that yoga would only benefit your day marginally, you should give it a try.

I hope I have convinced you about the benefits of yoga and meditation – if you are interested in incorporating these programs into your OneWorld working sessions, please call me at 077 5592 8576 for a Brainwave Entrainment Starter Pack.